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J.S. Flower Company Limited is known as the largest and the most innovative artificial flowers manufacturer
in Thailand.

Established in 1990, J.S. Flower has developed many series of new innovations in hand-made silk flower making techniques. With these techniques J.S. Flower offers you the most natural looking silk flowers you can find today.

J.S. Flower provides a completed line of artificial flowers from Cut Flowers to arrangements for Home Deco
Gifts or your Special Occasions.



Company Story

Established in 1990 by the young and experienced team, J.S. Flower started the company with the philosophy of small but good, offering the conventional high quality hand-made flowers by concentrated in developing new concept.

In 1991, J.S. Flower innovated Latex-coated Flower and introduced to the Market . The products were widely accepted and made the new dimension to the artificial Flowers industry with not only coating technique but also the real looking pressing process.
In 1996, J.S. Flower introduced PermaFlora and Natural Touch Collection, the products is so natural looked that even you see it closely it still looked real.

Since 2000 J.S.Flower had succesfully develop many more artificial flower hand-making techniques and offer the market with the most nautral lifely looked and touch in the market.
J.S. Flower and their research and Development team still working hard to searching for the better products in artificial flower industry.


Company Information

Company Name : J.S. Flower Company Limited
Head Office : 74/78 Soi Panjamitr 2, Nawamin Rd., Kannayal, Bangkok, Thailand 10230
Sakeao Factory : 17 Soi Tejsaban 25, Suwanasorn Rd., A. Muang, Sakaeo, Thailand 27000
Established : 1990
Registration Capital : 22.0 Million Baht
Employee : 400



J.S. Flower established the factory in a big farm in the middle of the village, 200 Kilometers east of Bangkok in Sakaeo province.


In 2003 J.S. Flower established The Labor Standard Development Program in co-operation with 4 government offices aiming to improve the workers educations, skill, safety, working environment and the factory productivity.company02

The Labor Standard Delvelopment Program

  1. Established J.S. Flower’s Non-Formal Education Learning Center, giving the workers opportunity to upgrade their education level and prepare themselves for further skill training.
  2. Established the Special Labor Skill Standard in Artificial Flower Making to improve workers skill and established The In-house Skill Training Center. Both Skill standard and the Training Center established and certified by Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor.
  3. The ISO 9001:2000 management program


Achievements and Certificates

J.S. Flower’s Skill Training Center licensed No. 1/2003 dated 1 December 2004 by the Ministry of Labor.

Certificate of Special Labor Skill standard of 10 flower making skills in October 2004 by Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor.

Certificate, ISO 9001:2000 by SGS since 2004.