Mini Anthurium

1 Flower

฿ 110.00

Smallest of the kind, this little heart shaped shield leaf (No, this part of the anthurium is NOT the flower) is vibrant, fun and easy on the pocket! The name derives from Greek which means “Tail Flower.” They are symbolise hospitality. Try mixing it with other sizes.

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Mini Anthurium wg335 AN173-D-WG335
Mini Anthurium gr303 AN173-D-GR303
Mini Anthurium pg075 AN173-D-PG075
Mini Anthurium pe111 AN173-D-PE111
Mini Anthurium re339 AN173-D-RE339
Mini Anthurium pe110 AN173-D-PE110
Mini Anthurium bu250 AN173-D-BU250
Mini Anthurium bu251 AN173-D-BU251