Permaflora is a Thailand-based faux flower manufacturer founded in 1990. In the three decades of our existence, we have innovated, experimented and aspired to create the most beautiful and unique handmade flowers in the global market. 


Permaflora is an innovative maker of premium faux flowers in business for more than 30 years selling flowers to every corner of the world. Founded by Silpachai Vatchara, the company revolutionised the artificial flower industry with new production methodologies and use of materials. 

By giving an extra coating on our fabric material, we created a soft realistic touch on our faux flowers, emulating nature, Permaflora became the first producer of ‘Real Touch’ Flowers. In the three decades of business we continue to develop and innovate new techniques in flower making. 

Many of our products gives a second life to used materials. Flowers such as Orchids, lilies and lotuses are made out of 100% recycled polyesters.


We may classify ourselves as a faux flower manufacturer, but every of our flower making process is done by hand. This certainly makes our finished product standout of the crowd. An average flower goes through nine different processes before getting into your hands. 


Permaflora is not a one person show, we are a community filled with incredible talents. Our flowers are created by craftsmen with decades of experience. When we started out, our factory was built in the middle of an agricultural community, with a very diverse age and education range. While be believe that great craftsmen can come from anywhere, it takes sheer commitment and passion to excel.