For customers looking to purchase our flowers in bulk whether it is for large interior projects or to resell, discounts are available.  Please refer to the policies below. Contact us via email for further information.


Discount Structure

We provide tiered discounts for wholesale purchases based on the total amount before VAT, exclusively for our flower stem SKUs:

Purchases Over
Incoterms: Exworks
VAT Excluded
30,000 THB
15% Discount
50,000 THB
20% Discount
100,000 THB
25% Discount
200,000 THB
50% Discount


Our discount policy is meticulously tailored to apply solely to our existing assortment of flower stem SKUs. The following categories are **excluded** from the discount policy:

Customised Stems: Stems tailored to meet specific aesthetic or functional requirements.

New Construction Designs: Arrangements that require novel design and construction approaches.

Archival Flowers: Exclusive, limited-edition or heritage replicas from our collection.

Prototypes: Products in their nascent stage, primarily used for testing new materials and concepts. These items are crucial for our innovation and development process and, hence, are not included in the wholesale discount policy.

New Colours: Products featuring colours that are not part of our standard palette.

These exclusions are due to the unique nature of production and design efforts required for these items, necessitating additional resources and ingenuity.

Terms & Conditions

– Discounts are calculated on the pre-VAT total purchase amount.

– The discount applies only to eligible products at the time of purchase.

– Permaflora reserves the right to amend or discontinue this policy at any time without prior notice.

We value your business and strive to provide clear, concise information to support your purchasing decisions. Our team is dedicated to assisting with any enquiries you may have regarding our wholesale policy. We’re excited to collaborate with your business and help extend the reach of Permaflora’s artificial flowers.