Every special occasion calls for
something truly unique. This is why
we offer special arrangement services.

Our bespoke arrangements are flexible and fully
customisable. We curate a selection of pots and vases or
your can provide your own. Contact us via email and line to get a quote.


Grammatophyllum Pot

Made to Order

8240 THB

Small Renanthera Set

Made to Order

495 – 855 THB

Wonderland Set


8100 THB

Small Parrot Tulip Set

Made to Order

2495 THB

Aranaya Cymbidium Set​

Made to Order

17400 THB

Hydrangeas and Orchids Blue and White Set

Made to Order

5220 – 6490 THB

Sirinant Garden Flower Set


5200 THB

Premrudee Hydrangea Set

Only Flowers Available

4750 THB

Multicolour Phalaenopsis Set

Available to Order

13500 THB

Boonreun Phalaenopsis Set

Available to Order

6185 – 6895 THB

Wild Orchid Set


2220 – 2650 THB

Vertical Daffodils Set


2690 THB

Pastel Phally Set

Made to Order

6720 THB

Wannapa Cymbidium Set

Made to Order

15000 THB

Sukanya Hydrangea Set

Only Flowers Available

10300 THB