Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I bring my own vase?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own vase. Please consult with us through any of our communication channels, and refer to our custom arrangement page for further details on how we can incorporate your vase into a stunning bespoke arrangement.
How long do they last?
Our flowers are designed to be long-lasting. With proper care, they can remain in their best conditions for 5-6 years, allowing you to enjoy their elegance for many seasons.
How do you take care of the flowers?
Caring for our flowers is simple and easy. Gently wipe them with a damp cloth to remove dust. To maintain their pristine condition, avoid washing them and keep them away from hot environments and direct sunlight.
Do you have other retail spaces?
Yes, you can find our exquisite flowers at Central Department Store and Chic Republic. Visit these locations to see our products firsthand and explore our diverse range.
Do you have a showroom?
Yes, we have a beautiful showroom located in the suburbs of Bangkok. For more information on visiting and experiencing our stunning collections in person, please check our showroom page.
Are they real?
No, our flowers are not real. They are exquisitely crafted faux flowers made from various fabrics, designed to closely mimic the appearance and beauty of real flowers.
Can you make any flower?
In theory, we can recreate any flower. However, achieving the desired level of realism for some flowers may necessitate additional time, thorough research, and a greater investment to ensure they meet our high standards.
What is it made out of?
Our flowers are crafted primarily from high-quality polyester, utilizing both non-woven and woven materials. Each material is thoughtfully selected to best replicate the unique texture and appearance of the flower we are honouring, ensuring a realistic and elegant finish.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we provide international shipping through ThailandPost. For comprehensive details on shipping times, costs, and our policies, please refer to our business policy page.
Do you do Wholesale prices?
Yes, we offer competitive wholesale pricing. For detailed information and terms, please visit our wholesale pricing page, where you can find everything you need to start a partnership with us.
How are they made?
Each of our flowers is meticulously handmade, involving a delicate process of cutting, painting, screen printing, pressing, and assembling. This artisanal approach ensures each flower is crafted to perfection, capturing the beauty of nature with exceptional attention to detail.
Can you design arrangements for us?
Absolutely! Our talented team can create bespoke arrangements tailored to your unique vision and needs. Please visit our custom arrangement service page for more details and to explore examples of our previous work.
How long does it take to make the flowers?
Creating individual stems typically takes 1-2 days, while arranging them into beautiful displays takes 3-5 days. For items that are out of stock, please allow approximately 2 weeks. Wholesale and export orders generally require 60-90 days to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.