Frequently Asked Questions 


Are these Flowers Real?

No, they are handmade.

What are Permaflora faux flowers made out of?

Our faux flowers are handmade out of vast array of materials. Most of our flowers are made out of 100% recycled polyester with realtouch coating. 

What makes Permaflora Standout?

Being in the business for 30 years, we have spent a considerable amount of time researching, experimenting and innovating new techniques in our production line. Every process is done by hand. Permaflora flower celebrates both nature’s creations and our ability to recreate simultaneously.

How Long do they Last?

If properly taken care of— many years. To get the most out of your flowers, learn more in the Care Section. 

Do you do Custom Arrangements?

Yes we do, if you buy with us.  We have a curated selection of vases, however, most clients prefer to bring their own. Find out more in our custom arrangements section. 

Can you produce items outside the current catalogue ?

Yes we can, but there is a MOQ. If this interest you please contact us at [email protected]

Do you do Wholesales Prices?

Please contact us for more information on wholesale rates.   

How long does it take to process my order?

As our flowers are assembled to order, please allow 1-2 working days for your order to be processed. 


Standard Shipping

We use tracked Thailand Post as our standard postage service. In Thailand, the parcel should arrive within 7 days after it has been posted. 

EMS Service

We can also ship with EMS for a faster service. Most arrangements and large stems will have to be shipped through this method. 

International Shipping

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are currently are unable to ship abroad economically. We apologised for the inconvenience caused.  


We provide a delivery service within the Bangkok Metropolitan area. We provide 200 THB off delivery fees in orders above 5000 THB or above and free deliveries in orders 10,000 THB and above. 

As we have only one delivery person, slots are allocated in accordance to his availability. If the slots are not available in your desired time, self pick up is available.  

Our Prices are calculated via distance from our Nawamin headquarters. 

150 THB for up to 10 Km

200 THB for up to 20 Km

300 THB for up to 30 Km

400 THB for up to 40 Km

500 THB for up to 50 Km

Self Pickup and Grab

We open weekdays from 8AM-5PM for self-pick up and Grab. Please contact us to arrange. 


How do I arrange my flowers?

Our flowers are easily shaped, just bend them. They are not as delicate as the natural flowers so if you have bent it too much just bend it back. 

How are faux flowers maintained?

Dust can be removed using a dry toothbrush. Stains can be removed using cleaners such as Scotchguard, if this is not available use dish washing soap or window cleaner.  

Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.

Please do not water it!

Can I cut flowers down to size?

A pair of gardening scissors can be used to cut down the flowers to size if this is needed.