At Permaflora, we pride ourselves on bringing your vision to life with our exquisite faux flowers, creating arrangements that breathe life into any space. Whether for your home or as a cherished gift, our bespoke service is designed to cater to your unique preferences.


Currently Permaflora’s most popular service, is to help our customer create the perfect faux floral arrangement(s) for the home. Our preliminary consultation is free of charge, contact us via any channel. Listed below, are the procedures of the custom arrangement.


To kick-start our collaborative journey, here’s what we would love for you to share with us:

  • Inspiration and Preferences: Dive into the world of faux floral beauty by exploring our past creations on our Instagram feed and Facebook timeline. This could spark inspiration and help convey your desired style, flower types, and colour schemes.
  • Vase Requirements: We kindly ask that you provide the vases for your arrangements. This ensures that the final product perfectly fits your space and vision.
  • Space Specifications: Let us know the maximum height and spatial dimensions where your arrangement will be displayed, aiding us in creating a piece that complements its intended setting perfectly.
  • Budget and Timeline: An outline of your budget and desired deadline helps us tailor the project to your needs. We usually take days to arrange.
  • Ready-Made Options: In a rush or unsure of what you want? Our ready-made section offers a selection of pre-designed arrangements that might just capture your heart and suit your space immediately.

This collaborative approach ensures that the arrangement we create not only meets but exceeds your expectations, fitting seamlessly into your space and life.


Take a look at our latest Instagram feed below to get an idea of the styles and prices we offer. Please note we do not arrange other company’s faux flowers.

Initial Consultation and Quotation Issuance

Following an initial consultation to understand your specific requirements and preferences, our team will meticulously calculate and issue a detailed quotation. This quotation reflects our commitment to transparency and accuracy, encompassing the cost of each flower and leaf stem selected, alongside the comprehensive arrangement fees.

Composition of the Quotation

The quotation outlines the precise cost of the elements utilised, factoring in the variety and quantity of flowers and foliage. Additionally, the arrangement fee is comprehensively calculated, incorporating the labour costs and materials employed in the creation of the base, including faux soil and moss, ensuring the arrangement’s integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Inclusion in the Arrangement Fee

The arrangement fee is an all-encompassing charge that includes not only the skilled labour of our floral designers but also the high-quality materials used to construct the arrangement’s foundation. This ensures that each creation meets expectations.

Deposit Requirement and Policy

To commence the arrangement process, a deposit amounting to 50% of the total quoted price is required. This deposit is non-refundable, as it secures the bespoke procurement and preparation of the floral components. Given the custom nature of our arrangements, once the flowers are cut and prepared for your specific order, they cannot be repurposed or resold. This policy ensures that the resources allocated to your arrangement are exclusively dedicated to bringing your vision to fruition. It’s important to note that the final price may be subject to change based on the actual flowers used in the final design.

Arrangement TypeFee RangeAdditional Information
Simple Stems in a Vase300 – 500 THBSuitable for DIY; 
Mixed Garden Arrangements500 – 800 THBA diverse mix of garden flowers, priced according to complexity.
Hydrangea Arrangements800 – 1,000 THBDue to the complexity of arrangement, these carry a higher fee.
Orchid Arrangements500 – 1,500 THBPrice varies based on the size and complexity of the arrangement.
Fritz Hansen Vases1,800 – 2,500 THBRefer to the specific section for more details.
Haute Fleur/Experimental1,500 THB and aboveFor highly customised and avant-garde floral designs that require extensive creativity and labour.

Flower Assembly and Preparation:

  • Preparation Timeline: Once we receive the deposit, we start gathering the flowers and materials specified in your quotation.
    This preparation phase typically takes about 1-2 working days.

Arrangement and Review:

  • Initial Arrangement: Our floral designers then begin the artful process of arranging the flowers. When the first version of your arrangement is ready, we capture and send you a photograph for your review. Note, the lighting conditions in our test room may cast darker, bluer shadows, potentially affecting the visual representation of the arrangement.
  • Client Approval: Your satisfaction is our priority. If you’re happy with the arrangement as it is, it moves on to the next step.

Iterations and Adjustments:

  • Feedback and Iterations: Should the initial arrangement not quite match your expectations, we welcome your feedback. We offer up to 3 iterations that involve minor adjustments or flower swaps to refine the arrangement. This stage is not about redesigning but fine-tuning the details to better suit your vision.
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Finishing Upon the completion of your arrangement, our specialists conduct a thorough review, making fine adjustments to ensure the ensemble is presented flawlessly. This meticulous process guarantees that every component of the arrangement aligns with the envisioned aesthetic.

Documentation Each arrangement is photographed as part of our documentation practice. These photographs serve not only as a record of our diverse portfolio but are also available to you upon request. It provides an opportunity to preview your arrangement or to retain a digital memento of the floral artistry.

Invoicing Details Following the arrangements completion, an itemized invoice will be issued. This document transparently outlines the services rendered and any additional requests that have been accommodated. We aim to ensure that our billing process is transparent and straightforward, detailing the payment methods and terms for your convenience.

Packaging and Dispatch Our commitment to excellence extends to the packaging and dispatch of your arrangement. Utilising high-quality materials, we ensure the arrangement is securely packaged for transportation. For deliveries within the greater Bangkok vicinity, we offer a personal delivery service, ensuring that the arrangement is handled with the utmost care and arrives in pristine condition.

Collection and Delivery Options

Self Pick-Up:

Collect your bespoke arrangement directly from our Permaflora Headquarters at no additional cost. It’s a wonderful opportunity to visit us and see where the magic happens! Services like Grab, LINEMAN, and Lalamove can be arranged by you for pick-up from our HQ. Please note, the organization and payment for these services are your responsibility.

ThailandPost Registered Post & EMS:

For items like stems, ready-made arrangements, and certain orchid pot arrangements, ThailandPost’s Registered Post and Express Mail Service (EMS) are suitable options. These services offer a reliable way to send non-custom, less fragile items across wider distances.

Hand Delivery:

For custom arrangements, we highly recommend our Hand Delivery service to ensure your order arrives in pristine condition, exactly as it left our hands. This service is tailored to handle the delicate nature of custom floral designs, providing peace of mind that your arrangement is delivered with the utmost care.

  • Customised Shipping Advice: Each arrangement is unique, and we’ll advise on the best shipping method. Please refer to our Business Policy
  • Responsibility: While we ensure the highest care, we cannot assume responsibility for damages if our shipping recommendations are not followed.
Distance from Permaflora HQDelivery Rate
Up to 10km150 THB
10km to 20km200 THB
20km to 30km300 THB
30km to 40km400 THB
40km to 50km500 THB

Delivery Discounts

  • Orders above 5,000 THB: Enjoy a 50% discount on your delivery fee.
  • Orders above 10,000 THB: Qualify for free delivery.

Please note, our Hand Delivery service is exclusively available within the Bangkok Metropolitan area, ensuring your custom arrangements reach you in perfect condition.


At Permaflora, we recognize the importance of both the vase and the floral arrangement in complementing your space. Many clients choose to send their own vases to ensure the final design aligns with their personal taste and home décor. We do not have a vase sourcing service. 

Vase Options

  • Personal Vases: Clients are encouraged to send their vases to our HQ for a truly customized arrangement.
  • Our Selection: We offer a selection of vases, visible on our Instagram highlights, for those who prefer to choose from our
  • collection.

Sending Your Vase:

  • Please securely package and send your vase to Permaflora’s headquarters. We’ll confirm its arrival and proceed with your custom arrangement.

This approach allows for a tailored design process, ensuring your arrangement perfectly suits your aesthetic and space.


Fritz Hansen IKEBANA and IKERU vases represent the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship, requiring a nuanced approach to floral arrangement and care. Due to their intricate nature and the bespoke beauty of each arrangement, we offer a dedicated policy to guide our collaboration with clients who seek to bring these pieces to life.


Understanding the complexity and the meticulous care required for arranging flowers in these vases, we have established specific fees for our arrangement service:

Vase TypeArrangement Fee
Small IKEBANA / Low IKERU1,800 THB
Long IKEBANA / High IKERU2,200 THB
Large IKEBANA2,500 THB
These fees reflect the additional time and expertise needed to ensure your arrangement meets the high standards of both Permaflora and the legacy of Fritz Hansen designs.
  • Vase Acquisition: Clients are required to purchase and provide their IKEBANA or IKERU vases. These can be acquired from Norse Republics, an authorised retailer, ensuring authenticity and quality. Please visit Norse Republics for purchase.
  • Delivery to Permaflora: Once purchased, please arrange for the vase to be delivered to us directly. This ensures that we can begin the creative process as soon as possible.
  • Local Delivery Only: Given the delicate nature of these arrangements, we offer delivery services exclusively within the Greater Bangkok area to maintain the integrity of the vase and arrangement.
  • Non-Postal: To ensure the utmost care and safety, arrangements in IKEBANA and IKERU vases will not be sent via postal services.


Each IKEBANA and IKERU arrangement is a testament to the art of floral design, uniquely influenced by the vase’s architecture and the natural beauty of the chosen flowers. As such, designs are not replicated, embracing the singularity of each creation. This approach underlines our commitment to delivering arrangements that are as distinct and individual as our clients.


At Permaflora, we’re not just about creating arrangements; we’re about reimagining the possibilities of faux flowers. Our Haute Fleurs and Special Arrangements are where creativity meets craftsmanship, challenging the conventional aesthetics of artificial florals. These pieces are for those who seek the extraordinary, blending art with the beauty of nature in a way that transforms spaces and perceptions.

A Creative Journey

Each stem in our Haute Fleurs collection is custom-selected and crafted, forming part of an arrangement that transcends traditional boundaries. This service is designed for the avant-garde, the dreamers, and the visionaries who appreciate the uniqueness of faux flowers redefined.

Arrangement Fee

Given the bespoke nature of these creations, the arrangement fee starts at 1,500 THB and can increase based on the complexity and customization involved. These are not just arrangements; they are pieces of art, requiring more time, attention to detail, and creativity.


Due to the intricate and custom nature of these arrangements, the production time ranges from 2 weeks to 1 month. This allows us to meticulously source, design, and craft your unique piece, ensuring that it not only meets but surpasses your expectations.

For the Discerning Eye

Haute Fleurs and Special Arrangements are for those who desire something that stands out, that speaks to the soul, and adds a touch of the extraordinary to their environment. Trust Permaflora to bring this vision to life, creating a masterpiece that will be treasured for years to come.