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Standard Parts

Standard Parts

Haute Fleurs
ATT 19

‘Standard Parts’ is a collaborative project between Thaisataworn, a metal plant, and Permaflora, a faux flower factory, designed to rethink the potential of factory-produced components by showcasing them in unconventional ways. This initiative, part of ‘Project X’ at the Bangkok Design Week 2021, challenges the stigma associated with factory work as mere manual labor by creatively repurposing standard parts from both industries into five unique, sculptural compositions. These pieces, which transform everyday items like clamps and door latches into vases, highlight the artistic and economic value that can emerge from unconventional collaborations and rethinking the manufacturing process. The project not only reflects on Thailand’s shift from manufacturing to service industries but also emphasises the importance of integrating creativity with production to redefine and elevate the perceived value of manual work.

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