Grammatophyllum Plant

Variations Available

฿ 220.00฿ 320.00

Uncover the grandeur of the Grammatophyllum Plant, a remarkable addition to our handcrafted collection designed to complement Grammatophyllum Orchids. Known for its impressive size and robust nature, this plant showcases large, leathery leaves and a majestic presence. We currently use this interchangeably with our Zygopetalum Orchids

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Name Image Colour Construction Price SKU Quantity Add-To-Cart
Grammatophyllum Plant gr000 3-leaves-small-with-bulb ฿ 220.00 OL252-D-GR000
Grammatophyllum Plant gr000 4-leaves-large-with-bulb ฿ 320.00 OL262-D-GR000