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฿ 675.00฿ 1,035.00

One of the most realistic orchids we make. Renanthrea is small and delicate in shape and bold in colour. The stem form is unique and can use solely in a vase to give a minialistic feel to the arrangement.

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Name Image Colour Construction Price SKU Quantity Add-To-Cart
Renanthera ob002 5-spray-26-flowers-15-buds ฿ 1,035.00 OC498-D-OB002
Renanthera gr245 5-spray-26-flowers-15-buds ฿ 1,035.00 OC498-D-GR245
Renanthera rg074 5-spray-26-flowers-15-buds ฿ 1,035.00 OC498-D-RG074
Renanthera ob002 3-spray-15-flowers-10-bud ฿ 675.00 OC497-D-OB002
Renanthera gr245 3-spray-15-flowers-10-bud ฿ 675.00 OC497-D-GR245
Renanthera rg074 3-spray-15-flowers-10-bud ฿ 675.00 OC497-D-RG074