Vanda Plant

Variations Available

฿ 250.00฿ 800.00

Discover the captivating Vanda Plant, a tropical beauty that perfectly complements Vanda Orchids. With its graceful tall and slender stems, and lush foliage, the Vanda Plant adds a touch of tropical splendor, infusing any arrangement with a sense of natural beauty and enchantment.

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Name Image Colour Construction Price SKU Quantity Add-To-Cart
Vanda Plant gr000 8-leaves ฿ 300.00 VL163-D-GR000
Vanda Plant gr000 7-leaves ฿ 250.00 VL122-D-GR000
Vanda Plant gr000 9-leaves ฿ 370.00 VL063-D-GR000
Vanda Plant gr000 12-leaves ฿ 435.00 VL162-D-GR000
Vanda Plant gr000 15-leaves ฿ 580.00 VL164-D-GR000
Vanda Plant gr000 18-leaves ฿ 690.00 VL161-D-GR000
Vanda Plant gr000 20-leaves ฿ 800.00 VL160-D-GR000