Roseum Lotuses

Variations Available

฿ 250.00฿ 1,435.00

Our Roseum Lotus is very special. Its unbeatable elegance comes from the individually hand pressed inner petals, with anthers attached on them.

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Name Image Colour Construction Price SKU Quantity Add-To-Cart
Roseum Lotuses lp101 25-petals ฿ 1,435.00 LO268-D-LP101
Roseum Lotuses wh323 9-petals ฿ 790.00 LO269-D-LP101
Roseum Lotuses wh323 25-petals ฿ 1,435.00 LO268-D-WH323
Roseum Lotuses lp101 9-petals ฿ 790.00 LO269-D-WH323
Roseum Lotuses lp101 bud ฿ 250.00 LO270-D-LP101
Roseum Lotuses wh323 bud ฿ 250.00 LO270-D-WH323