Cymbidium Plant

Variations Available

฿ 275.00฿ 455.00

Discover the versatile Cymbidium Plant, an ideal companion to Cymbidium Orchids. With its long, arching leaves and stunning color variations, this plant offers a touch of natural elegance and versatility. Explore the beauty of this botanical gem.

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Name Image Colour Construction Price SKU Quantity Add-To-Cart
Cymbidium Plant gr000 6-leaves-small ฿ 275.00 CI193-D-GR000
Cymbidium Plant gr000 8-leaves ฿ 400.00 CI194-D-GR000
Cymbidium Plant gr000 6-leaves-large ฿ 455.00 CI214-D-GR000
Cymbidium Plant gr000 6-leaves-medium ฿ 370.00 CI215-D-GR000